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Cycle Conjugate
$205.00 every month
Cycle Conjugate is the culmination of Coach Joe Lasko's over decade spent between the origins of Westside Barbell and collegiate athletics, DoD tactical operator training, professional athlete development, and private sector coaching.
This intensive course is split into 10-week training blocks that are divided into three 3-week rotations. The final week consists of a retest of the primary lifts: squat, bench, and deadlift of choice. Each rotation will include three max effort variations tailored specifically to address weaknesses of the individual athlete. Additionally, high volume dynamic effort days exist to target strength endurance and power by way of percentage-driven accommodating resistance and isolation auxiliaries.
The athlete will be coached on how to optimally contract the muscle, rather than simply move the weight. With this, the individual will accomplish not only a greater mind-muscle connection, but also an increased tolerance to higher volume while reducing stress placed on the joints. Training in this manner has benefited the strongest men and women in the world, as well as athletes looking to decrease injury while increasing performance, but also tactical sector operators for close quarter combat.
-- Intermediate to advanced athletes/lifters, and those who have hit training plateaus.
-- Those who can commit to training 4 days per week.
-- Those who can prioritize proper nutrition and recovery protocols.
-- Elite professional strength & performance coaching provided by Joe Lasko (@specialstrengths)
-- 4 training sessions per week, as outlined below ("Weekly Layout")
-- Performance tracking via the Verve mobile app
-- Access to our conditioning class, Accelerate (T/Th @ 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 5:30PM, Sat @ 8AM, 9AM)
-- Open gym access (unavailable during class times)
-- Unlimited Body Composition Assessments via our InBody 270 scanner
-- Limited availability.
-- This program will sell out, so we will move to a waitlist once spots are full to prioritize registration for the following cycle in September.
-- Cycle 2 begins Monday, October 3rd
Monday (4:30PM) - Max Effort Lower
Wednesday (4:30PM) - Max Effort Upper
Friday (4:30PM) - Dynamic Lower
Saturday (9:30AM) - Dynamic Upper
**If you are an existing Verve member/client with an active recurring membership, your account will be adjusted upon registration for Cycle Conjugate and your current recurring class membership will be cancelled.
**You may receive a refund of a prorated amount depending on how many days overlap from your most recent billing date to October 3rd (start of cycle 2).
**If you are an existing Cycle Conjugate member, your billing date will remain on the 18th of each month.
**Class reservations are not required for Cycle Conjugate given that is only available to a limited number of individuals. Any existing reservation-related fees do not apply to this membership.
**A written notice to must be provided no later than 15 days prior to your upcoming billing date to cancel a Cycle Conjugate membership, as with any other membership cancellation or modification.
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