Thrive During the Holidays

Nov 22, 2022

 by Lauren Cubellis

THRIVE - don't just survive your holiday season. 

How so?

Well, as with pretty much anything fitness and nutrition-related, it depends.

On what?

Many, many factors, but we're going to focus on the two most important to keeping your health a priority without ruining your holiday fun:

  1. Your goals
  2. How you define balance

Your Goals

When it comes to goal setting, we typically like to be as specifc as possible. Now, we're going to take a few steps back and look at a much broader picture of your journey. Refer back to the specific goals you set with a coach during your No-Sweat Intro appointment or your most recent Goal Review Session and ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How long have you been working towards these goals?
  2. How will the holidays impact your progress?

Your answers to these questions will help to develop a strategy that will best keep you on the path to success, all while still enjoying everything you love about the holiday season.


How long have you been working towards these goals?

This one is fairly straightforward: the longer you have been working towards your goals, or the longer you have been practicing the habits supporting your goals, the more flexibility you can have in your routine without experiencing major setbacks. If you're within the first year of your journey, it may be best to consider a more conservative approach and establish a few action items that will help you avoid spiraling down a dark path of destruction. Here are some examples of action items you might find helpful:

  • Hydrate - drinking enough water will help to ease some of those uncomfortable side effects you might experience from eating those holiday treats that are often higher in sugar and sodium, or from indulging in a little more alcohol than normal. It can also help with managing your appetite.
  • Keep moving - while a 30-60 minute workout surely won't hurt, staying active throughout the entire day will actually be far more beneficial. Set a minimum daily step goal or add some daily mobility work to your routine to avoid being sedentary.
  • Protein-packed & colorful plates - Prioritizing protein and fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables will help to curb your appetitie by keeping you feeling fuller longer.

If you're not as new to things and the habits supporting your goals are pretty deeply ingrained into your everyday life, then you can enjoy more flexibility in your routine without being too concerned about the impact the holidays may have on your progress. Consider establishing one action item to make getting back into your routine post-holidays a little easier, but if that's not something you really want to do then don't - just focus on the things that make your holidays the most enjoyable!


How will the holidays impact your progress?

Play out a few differnt scenarios in your head.

Imagine that you put little to no effort into preparing strategies to help keep you aligned with your goals throughout the holidays. What is the absolute worst outcome that would happen if you did this? If that outcome becomes a reality, how might that change things post-holiday? Are you able to accept the potential setbacks and carry on without dwelling or attempting to overcompensate with additional workouts or diet restrictions?

Imagine that you stuck to your regular routine entirely and avoided indulging during holiday celebrations and gatherings. Are you happy making that sacrifice or will you miss out on the moments that create cherished memories with the ones you love?

Imagine that you committed to 1-2 small action items. You still thoroughly enjoyed your holidays and indulged as you desired while staying within the limits you established for yourself.

If you're likely to dwell on any potential setbacks, then it will be best to get ahead of that and establish a few action items sooner rather than later. Put whatever plan into place that allows you to appreciate the holidays without going off the deep-end. Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unneccessarily stressed during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year!

Defining Balance

Putting a plan into place may be easier said than done. That's why it's so important to thoroughly consider all the aspects that are important to you and your goals. One aspect that should always be taken into consideration is your quality of life. While quality of life means something different for everyone, it ultimately refers to your perception of the quality of your life in relation to the things you value most. This is where defining balance comes into play.

You've likely heard the phrase "finding balance" at some point throughout your health and wellness journey, and you've probably also realized just how hard that is to do. This is because the target associated with one's efforts to achieve their idea of balance is never constant. Our lives are always changing so, in order for us to "find balance," we need to realize that balance will never be a destination. Instead, it's important for us to learn how to define our idea of balance within every changing scenario we encounter, and to then adjust our actions accordingly while staying in alignment with the values that drive our quality of life. So, if you're someone who often struggles to find your middle ground throughout the holidays, this is crucial to understand when determining your desired approach to the holidays.

Understand what it is that you value most.

Define the quality of life you desire.

Identify actions that fulfill your quality of life.

Avoid extremes or black-and-white thinking ("I had too many cookies yesterday so I'm not eating any carbs today" or "I missed my workout today so I have to skip dessert").

Act with intention.

And, most importantly, be nice to yourself.

There are no mistakes, only lessons.

Don't just survive this holiday season, thrive by letting the things you love guide you - spending time with friends and family, eating well, movement that feels good, and allowing ourselves to rest when the time feels right.


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