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Dec 27, 2021





How much does a membership cost?

We offer a variety of service options that include group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, remote coaching, sport-specific training, open gym access, and body composition assessments. Recurring membership options start at $150 per month, and single-purchase options start at $25 (sales tax may apply). Our goal is to find fitness and nutrition solutions for all goals and budgets. Book a free intro session to learn more about our services and pricing.


Does Verve offer facility access?

Yes, facility access is included with some of our monthly memberships, or it may also be added to some of our other membership options. However, we do not offer facility access as a standalone service at this time. Our facility can be accessed at any time outside of our regularly scheduled class times.


How do I sign up for a membership?

Every member of the Verve community is required to start with a No-Sweat Intro. This allows us to learn about you and your goals so that we can work together to develop a plan of action that ensures you're on the path to success. No-Sweat Intros are just the start of our ongoing accountability program that all Verve members receive every 90 days.

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What is a No-Sweat Intro?

A No-Sweat Intro is the first step in joining the Verve community. Our number one goal is your success, and to achieve this success a long-term commitment is required on both ends. During this free 30-minute appointment, you'll sit down with one of our coaches to tell us your goals and develop a strategy that gets you your desired results. Learn more about No-Sweat Intros here.


Will I be exercising during my No-Sweat Intro?

No, your No-Sweat Intro will not involve a workout component.


Can I try a class for free?

Maybe. Our classes often involve the use of weighted barbells or various complex movements. Staying safe and injury-free are critical to your success, and a major reason why we typically will not offer a free class to anyone who's interested. While we intentionally keep our class sizes small enough to ensure adequate coaching, some individuals feel more comfortable learning these movements outside of a class setting. Book a free No-Sweat Intro to chat with one of our coaches and determine whether or not you have the experience necessary to try out a class.


Can I pay to drop in to a class?

Again, maybe (please refer to the answer to "Can I try a class for free?"). If you feel that you have adequate experience working with a loaded barbell (e.g., back squat, deadlift, bench press, clean & jerk, snatch, etc.), you may drop into our classes. Sign up for a class here

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the safety of those attending our classes, you may be asked to leave if you sign up without adequate barbell experience. A refund will not be provided in these cases. If you're unsure whether or not you have adequate barbell experience, please reach out to us for clarification.


Can I drop in to use Verve's facilities?

We do not offer non-class drop-in services at this time.


How big are your classes?

All class sizes are limited to 12 to ensure an exceptional and individualized coaching experience for everyone in attendance.


Is Verve a CrossFit gym?

No. While some of our classes engage in methodologies similar to that of CrossFit, Verve is not affiliated with CrossFit. 




Can I bring a friend to try out a class?

Refer to the answer to "Can I try out a class for free?" above. We will occasionally offer Bring-a-Friend classes throughout the year, where your friend may accompany you to a class for free. Dates and sign-up instructions for these classes are announced in our monthly newsletters.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes require a reservation in advance.


Can I bring a friend to my personal training session?

Yes! We highly encourage this. Please give your trainer at least 48 hours notice.


Can I do my own workout during class times?

No, members are not permitted to attend open gym during class times. 


How soon can I make a class reservation?

Class reservations may be made up to two (2) weeks in advance.


How many personal training sessions can I rollover into my next billing period?

No more than two (2) personal training sessions may be carried over into the following billing period. A refund will not be provided for any additional unused sessions within a particular billing period.


What if I want to take a class but don't have a class reservation?

Given that all our classes require a prior reservation, those wishing to take the class without a reservation will be required to pay our class drop-in rate regardless of member status.


What is your cancellation policy for class reservations?

Class reservations may be cancelled no later than 12 hours prior to the start time of class. 

PLEASE NOTE: A $20 drop in fee will be charged to a member's account for any class they attend in which they did not have a prior reservation for. If the class is full, you will not be able to participate in the class and you will be asked to leave.


What is your cancellation policy for appointments?

All appointments (personal training sessions, nutrition sessions, etc.) require at least a 24-hour cancellation or reschedule notice. Refunds will not be provided for any appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 24-hours of the appointment start time. A $30 fee will be charged to an individual's account for any missed appointment not requiring prior payment (e.g., Goal Review Sessions, nutrition consultations, body composition assessments, etc.), and these appointments will not be rescheduled.


What is your membership cancellation policy?

All account cancellation requests must be made no later than 15 days prior to your upcoming billing date. Requests must be submitted via email to Memberships requiring a long-term commitment may be subject to an early termination fee.


What do I do if I'd like to change the type of membership I currently have?

All account modification requests must be made no later than 15 days prior to your upcoming billing date. Requests must be submitted via email to Memberships requiring a long-term commitment may be subject to an early termination fee.


Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes. We allow for one billing hold per account per calendar year. All account hold requests must be made no later than 15 days prior to your upcoming billing date. Requests must be submitted via email to


My Brivo pass stopped working. What do I do?

If your Brivo pass stopped working, please notify us by emailing our admin team at and we will send you a new activation code. PLEASE NOTE: you will be required to reactivate your Brivo pass if you get a new phone.


Can I open the garage doors during my workout?

Yes (weather permitting), just please ensure all doors are completely closed prior to leaving.


Can I take equipment outside for my workout?

Yes (weather permitting). Please treat it with care, be mindful of our neighbors, and ensure all equipment has been properly cleaned prior to returning it to stored location.


Can I play my own music during my workout?

Yes, you may connect to our sound system via bluetooth (Device: Total PA Pro). Please be curteous to others also using our facility and ensure the language and volume of your music is appropriate.




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